Getting Ready for the Challenge in Washington, DC!

So after working for 52 years virtually without a break, I was abruptly laid off in late 2015 and so decided to officially “retire.” THANK GOODNESS FOR MEDITATION! I am a young 68 years, and urge anyone out there to get started, no matter your age!  I have become a bit of a zealot on the subject of mindfulness, constantly recommending it to friends relatives, and colleagues, and everyone in my family now has a copy of at least one of Sharon’s books.

I have to say that three years ago, I was a cynic about what I termed mediation…I dismissed it as “mumbo-jumbo” and “new agey.” Then a colleague at work convinced me to join a weekly session at the office, and I was hooked. To my surprise, I found it enabled me to better handle the stress at work and at home (divorce!). What was revelatory for me was that, no, your mind doesn’t have to go blank for you to enjoy the benefits of meditating, and, no, you don’t go into some sort of trancelike state. Eureka! THEN, I attended a retreat with Sharon in late 2014, and that clinched my commitment to the practice.

What does it do for me?  Forces me to slow down my brain at least once a day for 20 minutes, helps me keep the important aspects of life (family, friends, gratefulness, living in the moment) front and center while allowing me to keep the “uglies” (finances, roadblocks, fears)  in proper perspective. I have also struggled with depression my entire life, and mindfulness keeps that at bay as well…I just feel physically and mentally better and more energetic!

Excited to get started on the Challenge now…couldn’t happen at a better time for me!

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