Gratefulness for health on Valentine’s Day

Today is Sunday, February 14 – Valentine’s day. Love day. Traditionally it’s a celebration of romantic love between 2 people. But what about the many millions of people who don’t currently have a significant other in their life? With the exception of a few months here and there, I was mostly on my own (not part of a couple) until I started dating my husband at age 35. The years of loneliness were physically painful and it was just awful.

I actually fell behind this past week in keeping up with the daily challenge and just did the first walking meditation from Day 8. It reminded me that I have a body that works well even with it’s health challenges. I don’t think that participating in this meditation challenge when I was single would have been a panacea for my loneliness, but it would have made my life much better. I would have felt alive rather than scattered.

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