Great Renunciation, Great Realization & Great Brave Mind



Great Renunciation, Great Realization, and Great Brave Mind

The Buddha’s enlightenment (as is the case with our own enlightenment) is
said to have 3 facets — Great Renunciation, Great Realization, and Great
Brave Mind (the mind of boundless compassion). In this series, through
discourse, discussion and guided meditation, we will explore what these
three mean in our own lives.

This series was recorded live over 3 nights at the New York Insight
Meditation Center. Each audio mp3 includes guided meditations, dharma talks,
and question & answer sessions.

MP3_cover_great_renunciation1_small1. Great Renunciation
Sharon gives an overview of these 3 facets of the Buddha’s enlightenment and goes into depth discussing the first facet: Great Renunciation. “Renunciation in this context means being able to loosen the grip of what we don’t actually need. And what we think we need of course is highly conditioned. So this is a process of exploration and one of great joy.” – Sharon Salzberg



MP3_cover_great_renunciation2_small2. Great Realization
Sharon discusses the second facet in depth: Great Realization “Great Realization is the ability to not just live mechanically, or in delusion, but to actually understand the nature of our experience.” – Sharon Salzberg




MP3_cover_great_renunciation3_small3. Great Brave Mind
Sharon discusses the third facet in depth: Great Brave Mind “Great brave mind means the mind of limitless compassion. Because there is no little amount of courage that is needed for very great compassion.” – Sharon Salzberg



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Great Renunciation ALL – $7.99 (includes all 3 files as a zip file)