Guidance Appreciated

Day 1

Sit today:  1:40 – 2PM-ish

I have a regular practice.  Usually I sit before my day gets underway, somewhere between 7:15 and 8 in the morning.  But today, because of a small handful of plan interruptions, it was not going to happen. So I allowed myself to start the “official” challenge later in the day.  My body was feeling rather anxious as I put it in its spot. (you know, rush rush rush, now sit!)

I began by listening to Sharon’s “Day 1, Breath Meditation” message. While I am not new to this, I let myself listen and be guided. It was good to allow someone, as my fellow sangha members might say, “take the driver’s seat.” It reminded me of what I “know” but tend to forget and started my sit off with extra peace.  My sit continued another planned 10 minutes, with some of the stuff of the day wandering in and out of my head. As my chime timer rang at the end I was pleased that I was not in a state of expectation, waiting for it. But that happens sometimes too.

And now to paraphrase the start of the horse races, We Are Off!

In hopes that all found some comfort today!

In Peace!


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