HAPPIFY Four Week Course

Sharon Salzberg on Happify

“Again and again I’ve seen novice meditators begin to transform their lives—even if they were initially resistant or skeptical. As I’ve learned through my own experience, meditation helps us to find greater tranquility, connect to our feelings, find a sense of wholeness, and face our fears. Today I’m inviting you to join me in finding real happiness.”  – Sharon Salzberg

Learn more about Sharon’s new course on from her recent #HappifyChat on Twitter.

Happify translating the latest cutting-edge research into fun and interactive activities and games that help you build your happiness skills and form life-changing habits. Optimism, self-confidence, gratitude, hope, compassion, purpose, empathy—these are all qualities that anyone can own. JOIN HAPPIFY TODAY for activities and games that will enhance your life, boost your happiness, and help you build lasting habits for a more fulfilling life.

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