Happiness week 2

Having read the chapter on mindfulness in Real Happiness (finishing it on the bus) I was walking mindfully to catch another bus, one which was nowhere in sight and not likely to be arriving soon, when I decided to run for it (having walked mindfully for about two minutes or less). It was Wednesday, icy under foot. I didn’t just fall – I was splayed along the sidewalk, landing hard on face.Got to bus-stop, stopped tears from streaming, and sat down on bus next to a lady who had just walked into a wall – so we had a fine time watching each other’s bruises spread and laughing a bit too hard.

I still feel the weight of my nose as though I were Pinocchio – but lying is not my problem. This episode is only an extreme example of my general lack of mindfulness when off the cushion (and on, of course, a lot). And what I see is not only how quickly I drift away from any semblance of mindfulness, but also, how if I am intent on something a perverse tendency to do the opposite often takes over – so from happily walking and feeling each step to running on ice is a pretty good metaphor. But picking myself up and saying, oh, I see, is also part of it, as is feeling, once again, lucky that I’m okay, and hoping I might have learned something. LC

May all beings be happy ♡