Happy New Year

As a person who is Jewish, a Buddhist, and an American, I’ve felt lucky in that I can celebrate a new year three different times within a calendar year. Since my most frequent meditation instruction is “Learn how to begin again,” it seems particularly apropos. We learn to recognize mistakes and also learn the resiliency skills to pick up and start over. We learn how to harmonize our lives with the rhythms of the laws of nature, where we might not see immediate results to our efforts but learn a sense of renewal and possibility so we can keep going.

Some times are harder than others – for many I know, and in some ways for the world, 2014 has often been a tough time. May we work to bring vision, resilience, harmony and compassion to this new beginning, the new year.

Image from Flickr by Rachel Kramer. Creative Commons License.

May all beings be happy ♡