The Heart and Soul of My Life- Moments of Joy

In the pit of my soul I began to smile….for what reason I don’t know
Meditation brings us back to each moment over and over again
The simplicity of coming to each breath
Smiling….because it is the moments in life that we cherish
Thoughts of being a little kid, riding my bike with my younger sister
Celebrating our anniversary with my husband on the first day we met, looking back at that moment when I saw his eyes…When I held him in my arms for the first time
How sweet to see my Nephew being born, remembering the moment I captured in my head and my heart the feeling of falling in love with a light first born into this earth
The soul remembers so much
How we gain wisdom from struggle…at the very moment where we see where the silver lining is in a tragedy
Sitting in the silence of the sound of SHaron’s voice, the smell of incense….bliss
All the beautiful moments…..the day of my wedding while driving back home there was a double rainbow after a light shower
Running through the pouring rain with my best as a teenager
Gliding my hand through the wind as my father drove my family to my home back in Texas
SO many moments are woven through time …. All the pictures that move me
They all are ones that make me smile

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May all beings be happy ♡