A Highly Unusual Event

Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to participate in most of this year’s program because my mother, who was under hospice care for under a month, took her leave of this world on February 14.

I was with her for most of the last week of her life, including the exact moment of her passing. During this time, I was aware that if I had more of an established meditation practice it might have been easier to help myself get through this highly profound experience. I regretted not having the strength to even sit down and focus for a few moments to participate in this meditation challenge. At times I did remind myself to focus on a few breaths and felt better immediately. But I remain dedicated to establishing a daily meditation practice because I know how essential it is for my health and consequently for the health of family and friends.

Meditation is a life-saving practice, and I’m glad I could be here at least for this little bit of time to take advantage of Sharon’s magnanimity and to share this extremely worthwhile effort with so many others. I feel the strength of this community of strivers behind me and am blessed to be able to share my experiences with all of you.

I hope to participate in next year’s meditation challenge and am very much looking forward to it. Namaste

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