Hijacked by thoughts or emotions

I like this term being referred to as “Hijacked”by emotions or thoughts, it seems appropriate with the opposite to mean to be hiding, pushing away or repelling our thoughts and emotions.  There must be a middle ground and not always this “all or nothing/black and white”, paying attention and using curiosity.

Can’t one be able to allow and sit with emotions saying “yes” to them without being hijacked or ignoring emotions/pushing them away?  This seems to be the practice.  It is not easy and so many of us are hijacked by thoughts and feelings causing undue stress, anxiety, worry and fear.  It is like an unraveling cause by hijacking.  I want to manage this hijacking.  I am trying to wrap my head around the idea.

If we reflect on the idea that we can use curiosity, and interest towards our feelings,  and that our feelings are not “my feelings, but feelings”.  These emotions and thoughts don’t define us, they happen to us.  Just like we can’t decide to get the flu, it just happens to us.  We can have a strong immune system and work to overcome the symptoms it causes but we can’t control if it happens or not.  The same is true for feelings, we can’t control if they happen or not, just how we react to them.  Most of us want to understand, “why?”, this becomes a big question. If we are able to find the root, in our minds, then we can find a solution.  This is a natural process and normal.  It’s like a Math problem, it makes sense if we understand why and then can get a solution.  Feelings don’t always have a “why” and this becomes the challenge for our brains.

Generally we fall into one of 2 different categories, we can be completely overcome by it and overwhelmed by these feelings, or “hijacked”.  It is like falling into it.  The 2nd thing is the pushing away of negative feelings and ignoring them.  This is like running away or taking the easy way out.