I like the cup, it is warm on my hands and reminds me of a friend

My mug of tea has a saying: “I don’t want to brag, but I’m pretty mediocre at housekeeping.”

It reminds me of the fried who gave it to me, and I smile. My room is freezing – I don’t have the heat on while I’m gone, and according to my thermostat I’m setting it at around 55 or so when I come in at night. So it’s chilly in here, and the down comforter on my bed is as cold as everything else. The mug of tea is the only warm thing, my hands not wanting to leave the safety of the warm mug long enough to type this. I already had to pick up a cold pen and journal – now I have to type?

The tea is cheap black, and I add mint to in the pot. My inner critic said I needed more mint in it, and sure, that would be nice. But it is still a nice cup of tea, perfect after a long day. This could be a nice ritual every night, and I could easily have a cup of tea and do a twenty minute meditation and feel I’m doing pretty good. But right now, I feel I am now loading up a cup of tea with more future than it needs. Not tea, I want to say, instead of not breath.

So I may make a tea ritual, or I may concentrate on my toothbrush tomorrow. I am grateful for tonight’s little moment of meditation, and I am happy to think of a friend as I heat my tea before starting the meditation. It’s a lot to be happy about. If I can be reminded to be happy about this, who knows what more I can be happy about? Whoops – it’s just one cup of tea.

May all beings be happy ♡