Idlewild, Tranquil & Alert

I read Robert Caro’s Personal History in the New Yorker Turning Every Page, Unearthing the secrets of the L.B.J. archives; or I read the first few pages. It’s a long read about LBJ’s crazen power hungry rise in the political world.
There’s a part about how before JFK Airport was JFK it was named Idlewild. That name left me spellbound. Idlewild is the perfect summation of NY’s energy and a metaphor for meditation. Sharon talks about the balance of energy in meditation- not too amped up and not the ooze. Idlewild is “both and..” It’s that breathtaking NY skyline 🏙 and stuck in Midtown traffic. It’s both the electrifying dizzying vibe that “anything might happen” and taking the same humdrum subway commute every day for years on end.
In our meditation practice there’s the sense of if nothing’s happening try to make something happen. And if too much is happening, restless thinking, try to make the thoughts go away. The happy medium is to be with whatever’s happening without trying to change it too much.
Sharon has a story of her and Joseph Goldstein going to the town square in Berry, MA, over 40 years ago trying to decide whether to buy the retreat center that they founded, the Insight Meditation Society. Their omen was written on a plac for the town motto: Tranquil & Alert, the perfect balance for meditation. Needless to say they heeded to omen and bought the center. The rest is Herstory. 💛

May all beings be happy ♡