I’m SOOOO Excited!!!!

This is my 4th year participating in Sharon’s annual Meditation Challenge. I’m honored to be blogging once again as part of it. Due in large part to this phenomenal yearly program, I have grown tremendously in my meditation and mindfulness practices and they have improved the quality of my life dramatically.

One thing I’ve learned is that soul growth on the path of life is a contiguous journey, just like meditation practice is. The ups and downs of life are mirrored in the ups and downs of our practice. Practicing what Sharon teaches in this program and her companion book Real Happiness has stuck with me throughout the past 4 years and has made life much more bearable for me. Ram Dass recently said that to get through life we must “bear the unbearable.” Even a little mindfulness and meditation practice like those that Sharon, Ram Dass and other highly respected meditation teachers teach can help us endure on the path of our lives. I am so grateful to Sharon for this opportunity to actively reinforce and learn more about how to do this once again.

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