In Breath There is Rebalancing

In week two Sharon reminds us that “You don’t have to aim for the unfeasible goal of being mindful every single moment of your day, then falling short and feeling deficient and incapable. Instead, we all can actually practice short moments many times, bringing mindfulness to life.” This is a comforting reminder as I found myself easily swayed in focus and attention yesterday despite my morning meditation.  It seemed that the chaos of everyday life added by an unexpected stressor of a failed heating system put things in overload. While I worked to maintain appropriate and thoughtful external reactions, I noticed my inner patience wearing thin and seeming to sway in the direction of each challenge. At times like these, I rest in the belief that returning to the breath and any sort of rebalancing is a modest, but respectable effort, and therefore worthy of practicing.

To listen to Sharon Salzsburg discuss Bhavana in conversations with Dr. Klich click here.

With Gratitude

Dr K

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May all beings be happy ♡