Insight Meditation

Insight MeditationA Complete Correspondence Course

When you seek to live a spiritual life, what matters most is not what you know, but the actions you take. How do you best embody the spiritual principles that uplift you and those whose lives you touch? On Insight Meditation, you will learn one of the world’s great contemplative practices, as it was taught by the Buddha himself, and then passed “candle to candle” for over 2,500 years.

Based on the curriculum developed at the Insight Meditation Society’s retreat center in Barre, Massachusetts, this audio correspondence course is presented by IMS cofounders Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein, who are among the West’s most respected meditation teachers. Students will learn with a qualified meditation instructor how to establish and sustain a daily meditation practice.

As each lesson unfolds, and the principles of mindful living are revealed, students learn to see past the illusion of life’s obstacles, and move toward an awakened mind-state – the true freedom we seek to achieve.

Now you can experience this rich and sacred retreat environment in your own home, with these same masterful instructors. Insight Meditation presents:

12 sequential lessons – 18 hours of classical teachings, practices, and meditations
A 100-page workbook with interactive exercises, resources, articles, and much more

One-on-one guidance and ongoing support from your personal instructor From great mystics to those in chronic pain; from political leaders to spiritual seekers; from bus drivers to CEOs; those who have developed a personal meditation practice confirm its power to enrich every aspect of daily life. For most of us who have tried meditation, the question has always been: “How do I keep going?” Insight Meditation offers the answer to this question: 12 months of personal guidance and support as you illuminate for yourself the way to freedom, one moment at a time. Includes 100-page workbook. Approximately 18 hours