Insight Meditation

InsightMeditationAn In-Depth Course on How to Meditate Personal meditation instruction in a 12-week interactive course.

Over its 33-year history, the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Barre, Massachusetts, has become a spiritual home to thousands and is now among the most respected centers for learning and deepening meditation practice. Based on curriculum first developed at IMS, the Insight Meditation online course invites you to experience one of history’s great contemplative practices as it was taught by the Buddha himself, then passed “friend to friend” for more than 2,500 years.

This interactive, 12-week, intensive learning program is highlighted by five live audio teaching sessions with IMS cofounders Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein (If you can’t make one of the live sessions, the audio will be available for download shortly after the session’s conclusion). The course also includes private journaling, along with online discussion groups to foster community. You will also receive 17 hours of audio instruction and online workbook material with exercises, articles, and more.

For most of us who have thought about meditation, the challenge has always been, “How do I get started and then keep going?” The Insight Meditation online course offers you the answer, as you explore for yourself the Buddha’s path to true freedom one moment at a time.