Interest in the Ordinary

Sharon’s lesson for Day 8 – Walking Meditation has an image with the caption “Mindfulness makes the ordinary things interesting.”

I noticed that during tonight’s sit.

As I was progressing through a body scan, my attention zoned in on the contact between the thumb and index finger of my right hand. How ordinary is that?!

But today, I found I was intensely aware of the sensations in that tiny area – tingling, pulsing, warmth, dryness, …

This ordinary, everyday contact suddenly became vivid, like the difference between watching someone’s home video of their grandkids versus a blockbuster movie at an IMAX theater.

In week two, as we engage in practices like the body scan, we are encouraged to notice our tendencies when things are pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral. Often, when things are neutral, I zone out and start planning what to do next or rehash some past issue.

By bringing curiosity and interest to the (usually) neutral experience of thumb and finger touching, I noticed pleasantness that I would have otherwise missed. There was a quality of quietness, peace, and tranquility, if only for a moment. But how nourishing that moment was!

I look forward to exploring this practice more this week.

May your week be filled with many interesting, ordinary things!

Warm wishes,
Andrea G

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May all beings be happy ♡