I’ve never written a blog before. When I signed up for this challenge I remembered that last year the maximum number of bloggers was reached before I got there. This year I was delighted to find there was a space for me. I was determined to take up that space,  even though I’m not now sure what to do with it! So I’ll just go with the flow and see what happens. I’m sure I will enjoy looking back over at at the end of the month.

There was a little bit of a delay before I could get started. I noticed myself getting all agitated about it. There was a tightness in my head and a clenching of my teeth.

I wanted to do things at the same time as everyone else, not to feel excluded or to fall behind.

These are all very familiar patterns of thought and sensation.  I was struck by the irony of getting unhappy because I couldn’t participate in a happiness challenge!! That really made smile.

I so often get upset about things that work out just fine!

And here I am. I enjoyed today’s practice. I really appreciate the whisper of a single word like ‘now’ to help me open to my experience in the present moment, like a short-hand for ‘what’s happening right now?’ It feels soothing and spacious.

With gratitude to Sharon and her team.




May all beings be happy ♡