It’s just one

My son had a rocky morning – big reactions, small problems – which meant that the whole family had a rocky morning.  After I dropped him off at school, his sister and I came home for a fresh start.  My request to “please don’t come get me while I’m meditating” was ignored as soon as one Scooby Doo ended and a new one (too scary, mommy) came on.  But I came back to Sharon and Day 6 and started again.

Afterwards, thinking about Sharon’s reminder that “it’s just one breath,” I reflected on my reaction to my son’s explosion.  Here’s the thing:  when he explodes, it becomes about a thousand things.  It’s about my fears for his well-being, that we’re on the wrong path with his treatment plan, that his sister will grow up fearful, that our family will never be able to just be happy – that I’ll lose him.  But you know what?  The explosion?  It’s just one thing.  It’s because he’s hungry or tired or overstimulated – and YES it’s also because he’s got some needs that we need to address in the years to come, but for today?  It’s one thing, and I can handle one thing.

One breath, one thing.  Just one.

May all beings be happy ♡