Jumping Into The 28-Day Challenge

just rolling with it sketch headshotIt’s exciting to be writing for the 28-Day Meditation Challenge and participating in it alongside each of you this year. I discovered the challenge somewhat late in the game and am glad to have an opportunity to jump-in here, at the beginning of the challenge. One of Sharon’s recent posts about the myth of multitasking caught my eye last week, as I’m a true-believer in single-tasking now, after being one of the most ardent multitaskers around for many, many years. That post brought me back to Sharon’s site, where I’m grateful to have discovered this challenge.

I’ve been meditating for just over a year now and came to my practice through a healing journey that’s in its third year. The healing journey itself has been a mix of stopping damaging habits, while reinforcing and learning new and healing practices. Much of the healing has been done in the context of learning easier and better ways of being, in order to prevent stress from building to unhealthy levels. It’s these unhealthy levels of stress that had a tendency to trigger unhealthy coping mechanisms within me in the past. I’ve also been searching for an opportunity to expand my meditation practice by practicing with a sangha, so I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in this online sangha with each of you.

Much of my stress had been and continues to be tied to, at least to some extent, my work/life balance, as it manifests both externally to and internally within me. I also currently find myself at a crossroad that is simultaneously exciting and frightening, with one path pointing back toward the old, safe,  familiar and unhappy career path that I pursued for much of my life, while the other is leading out into the new, exciting, unknown, and riskier path of doing what I love.

It’s for these reasons that my focus for the challenge will be Sharon’s Real Happiness at Work book. Just as I’m happy that the timing worked-out for me to participate as a blogger for this year’s challenge, I also believe that reading Real Happiness at Work, while standing at this crossroad, couldn’t be more timely and relevant. I truly believe that the practice of meditation can help us be happy at work, by helping us recognize and pursue our true path, and look forward to exploring this process of discovery with you during these 28 days and hopefully well into the future.