Just breathe

Since I was a young child, I’ve experienced “big feelings”. Even as a three-year-old, some of my earliest memories were intense worry. I didn’t learn the word anxiety until much later, but the experience has been with me my entire life. So many times, i would receive the advice to “just breathe”, which seems simple enough. But for me, learning to be with my breath was a process that took much practice. Now that meditation and yoga pranayama have been regular parts of my life, I no longer struggle to “just breathe”. But as a parent of children with “big feelings”, it’s so helpful to come back to this practice with a beginners mind. And I love Sharon’s gentle reminders for when our mind strays from the breath— forgive yourself for wandering, and with kindness, return. Every time our minds stray is an opportunity to practice self compassion. They say that the “neurons that fire together, wire together.” For those of us who tend to have critical, anxious minds, how sweet it is to wire them to be more gentle and forgiving. ❤️

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