Just Challenging Enough

Another practical concern: when allocating your life with challenges, be sure to gift them to yourself in good measure.

One reason I love Sharon’s 28-Day Real Happiness meditation challenge is that it is structured in practical, attainable steps, making it just challenging enough to make a real change.

My meditation practice has sometimes suffered in the past due to my going commando in challenging myself (maybe some inherited ‘man habits’ there..), by taking on extra work responsibilities, care-taking or creative projects, & all that was left of my meditation was a cursory moment, a compulsory butt-on-the-cushion exchange, in which no true balancing or self-assessment occurred.

A consistent practice is a bit like a plant needing water – it may be best to try keeping a windowbox of herbs before attempting a garden.

I’m sharing all of this to remind myself, and offer to fellow challengers, that sometimes the best thing one can do to get a meditation practice going, is to wisely assess other commitments, and scale back or reprioritize to give that meditation practice room to breathe & grow. This is always easier said than done, but in my experience it’s always worth making the amount of time for practice that is just challenging enough, lest it becomes too unwieldy.

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May all beings be happy ♡