Kinder Than Necessary

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28-Day Meditation Challenge ~ Day 7
Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dear Susan,

Be kinder than necessary.

In all circumstances and all situations, be kinder than you have to be. Stretch your kindness muscles.

Your husband, Frank, is right. No matter if you are cheated, no matter if you look like a fool, no matter if someone else is shrewder, you will never, ever regret being kind.

When in doubt about what the kindest thing to do is, just stop and take a breath. Especially if you feel resistance or feel like someone’s taking advantage, pause and breathe. You probably know what the kindest thing is.

If you’re still not sure, broaden your perspective, think about what really matters, what’s most important, how you’d feel about this choice (even if it’s a tiny one) on your deathbed. From a place of Big Mind, you probably know the kindest thing to do.

If you still don’t know, ask Frank.

Tatoo this on your heart,
Post-it note this to your soul:
In all circumstances and situations, be kinder than necessary. To everybody. Including you.