This week, a lack of sleep and new undertakings and experiences have self-doubt nipping at my ankles. I have been given a lot of tools to deal with this kind of struggle, and the lessons that Sharon shares seem to be true, no matter what the subject matter is.

I’ve started to feel like I’m juggling too many things and it’s hopeless to keep up and be my best self. I am so lucky to be juggling these things; an amazing boyfriend, a fun job where I get to talk to people and help them through their day, the talent to be involved in the creative projects I am involved in. I am also fortunate to even be in a place where I can see options for my future and actively take a part in constructing it.

But I feel like I’m losing myself. These meditations have been so great. But I keep telling myself a story that I should be fine and relaxed and ready to conquer the world. I keep asking myself “Am I doing too much or am I pushing myself to grow?” Or, “shouldn’t I be able to find calm no matter what activity I am involved in?” I’ve lost touch with my intuition.

So yeah, I’m a little lost right now. I would love some advice on how to accept the feeling of struggling. I find myself trying to “figure it out,” which leads me down a rabbit hole! Is anyone else resisting self-growth and confronting old pain patterns?

Much love to all.