Life gets in the way

It’s inevitable that life will intrude on our plans. Sharon reminds us of this and I’m very grateful for that. Why were we brought up to think that things had to work perfectly all the time and get frustrated the minute life interferes with our plans? Sharon reminded us in week 1 that bringing our wandering minds back to the breath over and over again IS the practice of mindfulness meditation. Just as the thoughts interfere with our attention to our breathing, life’s little surprises interfere with our plans. Getting used to this, and seeing that life getting in the way is the rule rather than the exception gives us another opportunity to gently bring ourselves back to working toward our goals. Sharon also reminds us that we will not stop feeling the entire range of human emotions just because we are cultivating a mindfulness meditation practice. We will experience them and keep bringing ourselves back to the breath with compassion for ourselves. This is a practice I am very grateful for. It’s all about dealing with life more effectively.

I think that the newness of the meditation method we started in week 2, plus getting sick, threw me off. I haven’t yet done days 8, 9, or 10, which is today’s. I will catch up.

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