Like petting a cat

I’ve noticed a curious cumulative effect of using diverse approaches to my daily meditation. It feels like my half-mouser, half-Garfield mind is finally a calmed, recalcitrant cat. With variety is apparently how I like to be petted. New techniques help me to not get mired so thickly in the accusations of weakness or wandering that have assailed me in practices past. Instead, it feels calming. Deeply settling.

Often Sharon has some apt metaphor that opens the space inside me and allows me to really notice. Today’s counsel to consider each thought from the river’s edge as merely passing boats was freshly helpful. Ah, that’s interesting, look at that idea sail by. Not mine. Not even necessarily interesting. Just movement.

As a person, I tend towards deep not wide as an approach to most endeavors, but the benefit of trying all these different means to mindfulness is wonderful. My takeaway for today – less rigidity, more expansiveness!


May all beings be happy ♡