Local & Global

Good Morning Sitters!  Today I continued working on Concentration.  I just read Alexandra’s post for the IDProject from Thailand.  And I loved her mention of the one thing at a time reminder.  That is helpful.

Day 3 I decided to concentrate on an internal image — the color yellow.  I’d read about color concentrations a little and decided to try that rather than hold a 3D image in detail.  I thought it might be a good way to begin.  20 minutes. Yellow.  I like that color.  It was hard to hold on to.  There’d be a real circle of yellow for a while and then the general feeling of yellowness – I smiled and decided that counted too as long as yellow was still on my mind.

Day 4 I decided to concentrate on the feeling of accuracy or feeling of wholeness of my sitting posture.  Attention cycled from spine to level of the chin to bend of the knees to the curl of the tail bone, etc.  This felt very successful as the identity of the body fell away and the enjoyment of simple form arose.  I also felt in this method a more global kind of attention.

Regardless, always in the background is a strange awareness of attention that is being paid.  What is that I wonder?

What is coming up is the distinction of the local and the global. I think I’m beginning to understand that ability to maintain a local level of concentration, and then expand that outward from a single object, to maybe conditions, helps to make the leap to more insightful kinds of practices.

I’m thinking of the three kinds of practices that include: Morality Practice that has something to do with how we live in the world with kindness and compassion, Concentration Practice having to do with being able to sustain refined degrees of consciousness; and Insight Practice having something to do with the quick, sensate realizations into the true nature of our reality.

My trouble is that I’m looking for insight all the time, so not really doing the concentration practice.

And this brings me to the issues of faith – or just making the assumption that if I do the work and let go, insight will come …. Happy not to be doing this alone ….

In Peace.

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