This is different than compassion or empathy for another.  Lovingkindness doesn’t mean you accept the other, and yet removes the “othering” all together.

Whether it be a bird or a human that comes across your path, wishing them well inside of yourself after wishing yourself well creates an openness in which to proceed.

Proceeding with honest, open, curiosity may increase the ability to connect to others in a meaningful way.  This is not always easy and we may find ourselves judging and blaming others for their own struggles or challenges they face.  This too is okay.  We will not be hijacked by these thoughts and feelings about others, nor will we push it away and ignore it.  Accepting ourselves just as we are, come as you are to a space that is inviting and wishes well to the self and others.

This idea may be a struggle, and it can be fun.  Creating that change or shifting gears about how we approach beings in our path becomes easier the more we do it and allowing the experience to be flexible, not rigid allows more flow.