Lovingkindness: New life sprouting on barbed wire

Week 4: Lovingkindness. A shift in my meditation routine occurred this week, I started doing my lovingkindness meditations in the morning before work. I focused on people I would be interacting with during the day. An observation at week’s end: I noted tiny shifts in perspective as I saw the people in-person that I had focused on during my meditations. In one case, I was able to approach someone with positivity or more openness after a challenging communication earlier in the week. It was as though there was a small space between us that buffered a knee-jerk response on my end. I entered from a listening stance. More aware than I was previously.

Sharon says, “You may find, as you continue with lovingkindness practice, that it transforms you in ways you weren’t quite expecting.” I think that is a very worthwhile goal. If we practice lovingkindness regularly, we might be able to create a buffer, a space where we can distinguish between what is actually occurring and our initial stories and/or responses to a person. I got a whiff of this potential this week and am motivated to keep exploring.

Takeaway: Like a green vine growing on barbed wire, new life and compassion can sprout from the most unlikely places/relationships. With the regular practice of lovingkindness, there is the potential to transform our approach to prickly relationships and to shift limiting perspectives and approaches to ourselves and others. Why wouldn’t you want to practice lovingkindness daily?