May all beings…

Three days left in this 28-day meditation retreat to be so imperfect, so flawed, so incapable. So totally unlearned in anything that’s being taught.

Today’s meditation is about sending kind thoughts to all beings. May all beings be happy, safe, live with ease, etc. Why does this never work with me? Sorry.

The teacher’s soothing voice is saying that the power of the practice is developed through the power of concentration. “So gather all of your energy behind just one phrase.”

I take a deep breath: May all beings…

Birdsong just now coming from my fireplace—a bird must be atop the chimney, her songs amplified in the room. I realize she’s been chirping away through this entire meditation, but I’ve been tethered so tightly to what a bad sit this is that I only hear her now. I listen.

May all beings….

Thank you, little bird. You, too.

And that will be my phrase to gather my energy behind.  Just that, without the final words of happy or safe or live with ease.  It’s only a fragment, incomplete and imperfect but also so full.

Try it. Breathe into it. Breathe it into you.

May all beings….

May all beings be happy ♡