Meditation Like A Seatbelt

When I first learned to drive I would be very mindful of every action in the car. Where the seat was placed, every mirror, where my hands were placed on the steering wheel but most importantly I was taught to drive by a cautious friend who would not even start the car unless the seatbelt was securely in place.

Recently, and much more significantly for me, I feel as if the machine just cannot be turned on without my “seatbelt” of meditation. Before I go to sleep each night I make sure I know when and where during the next day I will be carving out my 45 minutes of meditation. It is a mindful new seatbelt; while my practice has been consistent in the past it eventually falls off to every other day or sometimes just a 10-minute sit, which can feel like I am taking my medicine.

The practice is now providing me the security that my seatbelt used to. I feel that I am going through a row of green lights, the traffic is light, the drivers non-aggressive and I am able to see my destination even when stuck in traffic.

Beth D. Weinstein

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