Meditation: Tools for Courage, Faith & Compassion Video

Mindfulness training, the moment-to-moment awareness of our mind/body process with a calm and focused attention, is the fundamental tool of many ancient meditative traditions and new modern psychotherapeutic techniques. Awakening the inner capacities we all have, mindfulness meditation allows us to transform our worldview from one of isolation and confusion to one of connection, clarity and compassion. Especially in times of uncertainty, meditation opens us to a power of wisdom and courage based on seeing things just as they are.

While rooted in the Buddhist tradition, these meditations are completely non sectarian and can be used by anyone of any tradition.

Video from Meditation: Tools for Courage, Faith & Compassion Talk with Sharon Salzberg presented by Brown University Contemplative Studies Initiative in 2010.

The Contemplative Studies Initiative is a group of Brown faculty with diverse academic specializations who are united around a common interest in studying the underlying philosophy, psychology, and phenomenology of contemplative experience, across time, cultures and traditions.

The Contemplative Studies Initiative also pursues an active program of contemplative scientific research through the Clinical and Affective Neuroscience Lab, the Translational Neuroscience Lab, and the Laboratory for Clinical and Perceptual Learning. Student lab members present their research in a bi-annual research symposium, and publish scientific articles of their work.

Image from Flickr by 3dom. Creative Commons License.

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