Meditation transformation is hard work- Worth it or not?

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So. You find yourself inching… slowly… inching… toward some sort of transformation. You’re not just looking to lose a few pounds or dust off those long-neglected board games for the weekly game night you institute each New Year’s and forget by February. You’re undergoing one of those major life-altering paradigm-shifting pattern-releasing self-remodeling transformations. Some part of you – sometimes, some teensy-weensy microscopic part– knows your efforts will create a type of freedom you can only imagine, will teach you to soar. Some part of you even knows you can delight in the process itself. Then there is that other part. The part that says I’m tired This is too hard… To read more about my transfomation click here .

If you haven’t done so already I, along with meditation teacher, Sharon Salzberg, challenge you to join us on this 28 day Real Happiness journey. In addition to resources at check out and access a free sample meditation to follow along: Click for meditation

Come along there is still time to Begin!

May all beings be happy ♡