Meeting it all.

Today was the first day this week that I desired to stay seated and continue to notice breath and not breath.  It was lovely and I see my desire for more sessions to be “this way.”  I loved the softness and compassion of this technique that was present for me.  Labeling thoughts as thoughts I recognize has some judgement attached to it which has a tight and hard quality to it, breath and not breath was soft and spacious today.  What I am being called to remember is that each experience is whole on its own…the experiences of judgement, experiences of not wanting to sit longer, today’s experience…Nothing is fixed for all time.  Today’s experience offered information, just as each day’s practice does.  And I can observe my preferences for an experience to be a certain way and try my best to meet them all, as best I can, with a soft smile and grateful heart.  As Ram Dass said: “It’s all grist for the mill.”