Mental noting, third day of challenge

I’ve been taking a dharma class that meets once a month for about 4 months. I’ve enjoyed it greatly,  however, much of the work is independent. Because of the holidays, trips, and other excuses, I’ve sometimes been lax in practice. So I really appreciate this challenge because I think it will help me in creating the habit of sitting and awareness.

On this, the third challenge day, I tried focusing on breathing, different types (abdominal and nose) and then see a word (fav word is joy, and I saw it in a wooden ornament I have). I found that putting both ideas, following and seeing word, put a bit of pressure on me… but it might of been good pressure because it stopped me from thinking, which is a problem for me. I think, a lot. So nice to have a break from constant thoughts…

May all beings be happy ♡