Metta- defined in Buddhist tradition is the ability to embrace all parts of ourselves and extend it outward to embrace all parts of all beings everywhere.

This has come up time and time again when practicing lovingkindness and compassion.  The sayings we choose to say to ourselves, may I be at peace, may I have ease of heart, may this too serve my awakening….. can also be turned outward.  May we all be at peace, may we all experience at of heart, may this serve all of the awakening.

I began to think about how different beings show and feel love differently this morning.  How easily can one access their truest nature to find that lovingkindness or compassion for themselves and others?  What if there is a hard stop or block when you think about how someone loves or had loved you and can’t feel their love?

Is it that they don’t love you in a way you can reach it or that the way they show compassion and love is not a way you have been able to receive? A block feels like an empty space where love could exist but doesn’t and maybe it is intended but never felt.

I will continue to create space and room for the people I feel a block from, continue to extend the lovingkindness and compassion out towards these beings I feel a block from moving forward.  I encourage the idea to invite investigation to this area.