METTA HOUR PODCAST – Episode 13 – Real Happiness at Work

What does real happiness actually feel like, and how can we embody the essence with clarity and compassion? In Episode 13 of the Metta Hour Podcast, “Real Happiness At Work,” Sharon provides a detailed exploration of this perceived problem and offers insight into the creation of a deeper and more sustainable sense of happiness. Can we find a skillful way to deal with times when we have tried  hard to make a difference, yet feel ineffectual or exhausted?  Might the quality of our leadership expand through restoring  our own deeper happiness?

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Sharon’s Metta Hour podcast features Buddhist wisdom in a practical, common sense vernacular. With over 30 episodes, Sharon’s natural wisdom, sense of humor and the ease with which she translates these teachings forge an intimate connection with the listener. From everyday experiences to pithy revelations, each podcast is a journey on the path of self-discovery. Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes for weekly episodes. Make a donation to support the continuation of these podcasts.

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