METTA HOUR PODCAST – Episode 14 – Buddhist Personality Types

Sharon sits down for a Metta Hour meetup with Raghu Markus and Noah Lampert in Episode 14, “Buddhist Personality Types,” to discuss the all-consuming qualities of anger, and how we can deconstruct its often lingering effects. Mindfulness is the jewel that cuts through, while loving-kindness provides the antidote to the fear and aversion that we feel toward these negative states

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  • A Simple Life

    ..anger seems to be hardest when am unable to hide it, when it reflects evidence of pain, not for what is happening in present (its usually the opposite) old pain from the past – shame of having it pointing to what one fears being discovered – pain yet to let go, one thought was healed, or a reaction created from an old pain shame evidence of what was – oh if you see this anger/pain here will be deemed/judged and then ____ is over (unapart) – like when went to get sinus checked for the reoccurring sinus infections and the dr was in awe of the damage in side my face and he wanted to know when that happened and “officially” it never happened – wasn’t acknowledged or treated – in that moment unable to hide, evidence of past reflected in present – sinus tends to clog – shame that if others see those hurts, who was this being that those who one is dependent on, those who are supposed to be reliable/protect where frieghtening, caused this kind of damage… the reaction of anger, the only acceptable expression in family of origin, for everything new, or unknown, especially beautiful things….how does one mitigate that, unable to hide it, it can happen before the breathe can even intake, isn’t who want to be, and makes no sense to others who know this being to be… disappear that. I healed this stuff, and in a new paradigm and its as if am ‘visiting’ all the sources of things where learned compassion, mercy, forgiving, forgiven, am remembering the child who kept reciting the golden rule and kept being confused, why won’t this stop/why don’t they stop, don’t they know this?….I know that in the unfolding this is likely to be blessing, in reminding me of where threads of mercy have emerged….am renewing and expanding compassion for self and other…and, and I am yet ashamed of that anger, unwanting that to be near others, especially where heart loves, unable to hide anything, fearing loss, fearing losing what long for most from pain of the past, wanting to be a better expression of being, want to get these knooks in the mirror cleaned, healed, happy and whole (too).

May all beings be happy ♡