METTA HOUR PODCAST • Episode 140 • Real Change Series • Mallika Dutt

For episode 140 of the Metta Hour, Sharon speaks with friend and colleague Mallika Dutt. Mallika is a leading innovator in storytelling and culture change, bringing together the power of ancient wisdom and spiritual practices with contemporary technologies and tools for creative connection and transformation. She combines her creative advocacy for a thriving world with a coaching, speaking and strategy practice that connects planet, people, and purpose.

This is the thirteenth episode of the Real Change Podcast Series. In this conversation, Mallika shares what brought her to the path of activism and human rights, and how contemplative practices have informed her life. She and Sharon discuss some of the themes from “Real Change,” that have been relevant to Mallika’s journey: how intersectional analysis has informed her work, and the value of approaching anger as a positive force. The episode closes with Mallika leading a guided meditation practice on inherent dignity.

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