METTA HOUR PODCAST • Episode 157 • Yung Pueblo

For episode 157 of the Metta Hour Podcast, Sharon speaks with meditator, writer, and speaker, Diego Perez. Widely known by his pen name Yung Pueblo, Diego’s practice of Vipassana meditation has given him a deeper understanding of liberation and inspires him to reach hundreds of thousands of people online every month through his writing. He is the author of several books, including Clarity & Connection, which was just released in April 2021, instantly becoming a New York Times bestseller. The conversation begins with Diego reflecting on the release of his new book, Clarity & Connection, and some insight into his writing process for the book. They speak about the unique moment that much of the world is in now, starting to transition from the pandemic lockdown and the new definition of resilience that is being asked of us. They also share about the role that grief has played in the past year and how to take the wisdom of grief forward into daily life. They go on to discuss how meditation practice can serve as a basis for healthy relating to others, as well as ourselves. Diego shares about the role that trauma can have in our relationships and how that affects the way we shape our lives. They also discuss some of the nuances of relating to those we do not share the same morals with and cultivating a greater capacity for extending our love beyond those who are similar to us. Diego asks Sharon her perspective on the concepts of healing versus liberation in the context of the Buddhist traditions. The conversation closes with Diego leading a reflection on reconnecting to the bigger picture of your path as it unfolds in your life.

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