METTA HOUR PODCAST • Episode 183 • Joél Leon

Performer, author, and storyteller Joél Leon returns to the Metta Hour Podcast for Episode 183. Born and raised in the Bronx, Joél writes and tells stories for Black people. Specializing in moderating and leading conversations surrounding race, masculinity, mental health, creativity, and the performing arts, with love at the center of his work and purpose. He is the author of “Book About Things I Will Tell My Daughter” and “God Wears Durags, Too.” His TED talk on healthy co-parenting has been viewed over 1.5M times. In this conversation, Joél and Sharon discuss:

• Joél’s new spoken word album, “Soundtrack To a Riot”
• Contemplations on death and aging
• Making space for multiple things to be true
• The necessity of communion and community
• Navigating mental health during COVID
• The role of teaching and seeing others
• The power of languaging
• The importance of inner and outer space
• The dissonance of systemic injustice and heartful living
• How context and nuance matter
• Sitting with not knowing
• Connecting to the awe in everyday life
• The need for repetition in learning
• Writing the story that scares you

The episode closes with Joél leading a guided reflection. Listen to Joél’s first appearance on the Metta Hour Podcast, Episode 130 from August 24, 2020, released as part of the Real Change Series.

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