METTA HOUR PODCAST • Episode 187 • Dr. Galit Atlas

Sharon welcomes Dr. Galit Atlas for Episode 187 of the Metta Hour. Galit is an author, psychoanalyst, and clinical assistant professor at New York University. She has published numerous articles and book chapters that focus primarily on gender and sexuality. Her New York Times published “A Tale of Two Twins” won a 2016 Gradiva Award, and her latest book “Emotional Inheritance” was released in January of 2022. In this conversation, Galit and Sharon discuss:

• What drew Galit to therapy
• The stigma and shame around mental health
• The definition of trauma
• How generational trauma shows up
• The affect that secrecy has on trauma and healing
• How the secrecy in Sharon’s childhood affects her
• Post Traumatic Growth
• What we must accept versus what we can change
• The role of forgiveness in healing
• The epigenetics of family trauma
• Winnicott’s “good enough” parent
• Vicarious Trauma for Caregivers

To learn more about Galit’s work, you can visit her website.


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