METTA HOUR PODCAST • Episode 218 • Real Life Series w/ Valarie Kaur

For episode 218 of the Metta Hour Podcast, we are continuing the Real Life Series celebrating Sharon’s new book by the same name, “Real Life.” This interview features a conversation between Sharon and Valarie Kaur, recorded for the Living An Authentic Life Summit. Valarie Kaur is a renowned civil rights leader, lawyer, award-winning filmmaker, educator, innovator, and best-selling author of “See No Stranger.” In Fall 2022, President Biden honored Valarie at the White House in the first-ever Uniters Ceremony, naming her as one of 16 leaders whose work is healing America. Her work has ignited a national movement to reclaim love as a force for justice. Today, she leads the Revolutionary Love Project to inspire and equip people across America to build community. To learn more about Valarie’s work, visit her website.

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