METTA HOUR PODCAST – Episode 32 – Rapture

In Episode 32 of the Metta Hour Podcast, “Rapture,” Sharon dives into the world of happiness through Rapture. Piti is the Pali word for rapture, defined as an enthusiasm or sense of zeal that is often characterized by feelings of happiness, delight, and satisfaction. When developed, this quality pervades both the body and the mind with the energy of exhilaration. Sharon outlines the various levels of rapture and offers both methods and inspiration for its cultivation.

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Sharon’s Metta Hour podcast features Buddhist wisdom in a practical, common sense vernacular. With over 30 episodes, Sharon’s natural wisdom, sense of humor and the ease with which she translates these teachings forge an intimate connection with the listener. From everyday experiences to pithy revelations, each podcast is a journey on the path of self-discovery. Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes for weekly episodes. Make a donation to support the continuation of these podcasts.

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