METTA HOUR PODCAST • Episode 47 • Living in the Dharma • w Joseph Goldstein

In Episode 47 of the Metta Hour Podcast, Sharon is joined by colleague and friend, Joseph Goldstein. Sharon and Joseph show us how to find love and awareness through meditative practice. They take questions from their live audience about applying that practice, dealing with chronic pain and anxiety, reincarnation, and intention. Sharon and Joseph also reflect on how to use the lessons of the Buddha, to live in the dharma and find a sustainable quality of happiness within.

Meditative practice is how we cultivate ourselves so qualities like clarity, awareness, and love can emerge. In Tibetan Buddhism, meditation is translated as “getting used to it.” The “it” being our discomfort, self-imposed limitations, our manufactured fear, and bias. We practice meditation to make a home in the deepest places we have already known. From this place, we are able to witness our emotions and affect our reaction to them.

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