Metta Phrases

May I be grateful.

May I be willing.

May I be loving.

May I be engaged.

My favourite phrase for meditation is “grateful surrender” but it’s kind of a mouthful (or “brainful”) for the lovingkindness meditation. I’ve found this variation works well and have been able to use it in practice quite effectively in walking meditation and sitting silently with a group.

May I be grateful; for everything I have, for encountering these teachings and having the opportunity to practice, for the good fortune I’ve already experienced and all that I will experience in the future, for simply being alive at this beautiful point in time and space, for the hardships I’ve endured and the lessons I’ve been able to learn from those hardships, for enjoying such a privileged existence and having the means and desire to share my experiences with others.

May I be willing; to  act when and where the universe asks me to. To take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves, to help where is needed, to grow whenever possible, to see the goodness and the light where it exists in this world.

May I be loving; everyone and everything in every moment. May be loving the process of becoming, growing, learning, failing, and trying again. With love everything is possible, everything is okay. May I be a beacon of divine love radiated into the world around me.

May I be engaged; in the present moment, in the dance of life, in the directed creation of my karma. Not absent, distracted, stagnant, but engaged in the constant moving, shifting, changing, landscape of experience.

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