Mindful Eating, Mindful Being

I grew up eating a lot of meat.  

I thought vegetarians were strange.  Missing out.  Just trying to put on a show.  Being difficult.

And now I am one.  A vegetarian.

It started with a small thought In my mind as I prepared meals with meat.  I decided to mindfully eat meat to figure out what was going on. I realized that I just could not do it anymore.  And that was over six years ago.

This morning, I practiced by mindfully eating a melon I bought at Trader Joe’s yesterday.  I noticed the coldness, the sweetness.  The knife cuts, the seed I missed while scooping out the center.  I thought about where it came from.  Who picked it.  How it got to New York.  To my hands.  To my home.  To my plate.

I suspect I will notice a lot more details about my day because of mindfully eating that fruit.  The residual effect of practice makes me better at life.

May all beings be happy ♡