Mindfulness Challenge and Travel

I am continuing this challenge as I travel. This has been a wonderful opportunity of practice in a shared space with someone that doesn’t practice.

While practicing one day, I believe it was day 9, the neighbors were particularly loud. As the noise pulled me the noise sounded louder. I brought my attention back to the body and even though the sounds of my nieghbors was still there it was not as loud when my attention was on the body.

Since there was noise from neighbors several times during the trip I practiced where I focused my attention. Sure there was noise, but if I didn’t give the noise the microphone it didn’t seem as loud. My companion had a more challenging time and we discussed potentially moving our room. We also discussed how much of a stage we were giving the noise coming from the room next to us. We decided to keep the room we were in and not focus on the noise next to us.

Do you know our trip became quieter and this will be the last stage I am giving the noise because this trip has so many other memories to give my attention to.

I am thankful for this challenge and my practice. It helped to make this trip more special and memorable.


May all beings be happy ♡