Mindfulness Virus: Meditation Applications

Pondering the viral nature of mindfulness meditation practice. Awareness is creeping into many unexpected places in my head & life. The image first started coming to me about a month ago as I began to make space to sit daily. Things I used to just put off till later as well as those mundane tasks that I would often tell myself I would get to at some unspecified time in the future are getting done & checked off my invisible ‘to-do’ lists. Intellectually I understood there would be unexpected benefits of a regular meditation practice but it’s still kinda freaking me out.

Noticing myself following through on intentions without realizing that’s what’s going on. I was never this diligent before I started to meditate.  I’ve even begun to make my bed. Feels like I’m incubating some exotic virus of wisdom of compassion each time I sit.

The time on the mat is teaching me alot about relating to my thoughts- the random bits & the ones placed there by myself.  Realized one way to reduce the racing thoughts I face is to clear my plate of all the little things that come up while I’m sitting trying my darnedest to focus just on my breath.  The bed making as an example: when I began my regular daily practice a month before the Real Happiness 28 Day Challenge began I’d keep noticing the bed.

Swine Flu by Jes

From between my peeked eyes opening with impatience over & over thoughts about the state of my bedding would creep in.  Then it was the clutter on the floor. The conditions of the plants in the common room. The list of mental distractions, turns out in part are floating intentions I’d set for myself.  As I begin to understand how my attention & relationship to where it does tend to wander when meditating I’m being more mindful of my personal & interactions with people in my day. The lists in my head naturally extend past my field of vision during meditation. So noticing I’m clearing things I’ve committed to both professionally & creatively as well.

One of the intentions I’ve followed up unexpectedly has been spending more time in meditation & finding the best mobile ap for my own personal digital spiritual tool box. As I’ve mentioned been using Insight Timer to pace, track & note my morning & evening sitting breathing meditations and really enjoy it.  I’m finding I’m a bit attached to the Real Happiness Group they have as well as the two guided meditations by Sharon by Sounds True on the ap.  Got turned on the Stop, Breathe & Think last week and ended up trying out some of it’s guided meditations.  My typical 20 Minute sit ended & next thing I knew I had done three more meditations nearly doubling my time.  They have some neat guided audio by kd lang & versions of many of the meditations I’m familiar with from sitting with Sharon as well as some fun tracking tools that give out digital ‘stickers’ when you pass mindful milestones.

Cute stickers aside, like I said it’s kinda freaking me out though the plants are loving the additional attention and I’m pretty sure my co-worker are enjoying my new re-found fastidiousness.  Now if I could just get through some of the reading I’ve been meaning to and research for online projects I’m supporting.  Wonder if anyone has suggestions on ways to aim this mindful virus I’m cultivating?

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