Most of our ‘suffering’ is indeed in how we respond

I took an eight-week mindfulness course before Christmas. I learned a couple of things. I learned a lot of things. But one I’m remembering as I think about Day 2´s meditation is the suffering the thing that happens to us and the suffering in how we respond. That really the actual situation that hurt us or let us down or made us feel bad accounts for only about 10% of the pain we go through. The other 90% is made up of how we respond to the situation. We fight it, we resist it, we get angry, indignant, sad.

We throw a fit and we wonder how such a thing could ever happen to us, or how such and such could ever hurt us like that. We ruminate and ruminate for days. Longer even. It’s not to say that as human beings we don’t suffer – life is tough. But a big lesson for me – as one who has a propensity to go down the ruminating road – is that I can let it ruin an hour, but it doesn’t have to ruin my day or my week. I can go through the experience, accept it, learn a lesson from it, and move on. Not carry it constantly. Let it go. Frozen style.

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May all beings be happy ♡